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· Shaper won the most influential brand prize 2014, and become the strategy cooperation company of 1st China Elite Women Summit.
(The Most Influential Brand 2014 in Fujian)

· The founder and CEO Zhang Xiangdong visited Shaper Xiamen Headquarter, and discussed with Shaper president Mr. Wang.
(Zhang Xiangdong and Shaper President)
· Shaper new media created the popular topic of sharing session of Zhang Xiangdong with the reading amount of 380 thousand.

· Shaper started the first station for exhibition in Jinan.
(Shaper's decoration in Ji’nan Ancient Furniture Exhibition)

· Shaper was the senior cooperation company in 13rd World Business Leaders Roundtable.

(the conference site)

· Shaper held the second exhibition in 7th Western China Culture Industry Expo in Xi'an, and won the Excellent Creative Product Prize.

(Shaper's gallery in Xi'an Culture Exhibition)

· China-Britain Business Council and UK Trade and Investment visited Shaper Xiamen Exhibition hall.

(group photo of China-Britain Business Council, UK Trade and Investment and Shaper's president Mr. Wang)

· Phoenix TV interviewed Shaper's president Mr. Wang for international brand of modern household goods.
(Phoenix TV host An Dong took picture with President Wang)

· Shaper won 2014 Global Pioneer Design Awards.


become the designated art brand of Qigong and Panzhulan Works Exhibition.

(the unique brand of Lanting Lifetime Award)

· The only designated art brand of Capital Forum in Xiamen 98 Cifit.

(the unique designated brand in Capital Forum of 98 CIFIT)

·  Shaper Fuzhou exhibition won the prior third prize of China Designer Golden Competition.

(Shaper's gallery in Fuzhou Buddhism Exhibition won China Golden Designer Competition)

·  open up Shaper Shanghai exhibition hall in Zumuhui Park.

(Shaper's gallery in Shanghai)

·  Corporate headquarters wonNesting Award, the highest honor for Chinese designers“.

(the most honorable prize for designers, the Nest Award)

Layout overseas market, set up Shangpinyuan International Investment (Hong Kong) and Shaper Artwork Co., Ltd.


·  Set up 10000㎡Longteng exhibition hall, the marketing center in china and  Xiamen office.

(Shaper's gallery in Longteng)

· set up Xia’men office and the national market center.


· The president Wang was voted as the vice president of Chinese Classical Redwood Furniture Council.


· The president Wang was voted as the vice chairman of PutianTimberIndustry Association.


·  Establish Fujian Shangpinyuan Household Co., Ltd and set up 2000㎡ Shaper Brand Showroom.

(Shaper's brand exhibition room)

·  The president Wand was voted as the vice chairman of Fujian Classical Craft Furniture Association.

·  The work of Flat Table won silver prize in China Xianyou Classical Craft Excellent Furniture (Beijing) Exhibition.



· The work of Through Cabinet won gold medal in China Xianyou Classical Craft Excellent Furniture (Beijing) Exhibition.

(Grid Wardrobe)


· Establish Beijing Runtai Century Trade Co., Ltd, set up Fujian Xianyou Ming and Qing Style furniture factury.


· Establish Shenzhen Hanbaoli Furniture Company, and set up a large furniture store.


· Establish HuiHuangYunyuan Furniture Co., Ltd for selling Ming and Qing Style redwood furniture.
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