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About me

This blog is about sport. Sort of.

I’m not a lots of friends kind of guy. I’m comfortable with me, with being alone and with silence. But I love sport and like a lot of sports fans I like to ramble on about it.

Things like, how that goalkeeper would really be better off if he moved across a metre or so because he’s got his angles wrong and that free-kick is going to bend arou…

Told me so.

So this is my blog and my space to ramble. I kind of also have in the back of my mind that 1 day my 2 boys, The Noah and The Angus, will read this and know their Dad a bit better.

I am a fan of Liverpool FC, who play football (soccer) in the English Premier League (EPL). I am also a fan of the Boston Red Sox, who ply their trade in Major League Baseball (MLB) and Perth Glory Women, who knock in goals via Australian soccer’s W-League. The final part of my sports fan quartet is the Fremantle Dockers, who can be found in the Australian Football League (AFL).

I occasionally purport to follow other teams or individuals – Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo in motorsport, Cadel Evans on a bike, the Australian cricket teams and so on. Mostly these folk are on my list because I am a proud Australian – To be a bit more geographically precise, you can find me in Perth, Western Australia, where I was born.

With the sport I try to be accurate and to credit where due but don’t rely on me for constant scores and updates. If you want to learn more about something I post then I’ll try to link to authoritative sources but you can always check out Wikipedia yourself…

Which segues into why the blog is called Longworth72. You’re smart, you’ll work it out.

Rock on folks,


April, 2014.

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